Exhibitor: Compact Membrane Systems (CMS)

At Compact Membrane Systems (CMS), we understand that today’s capital infrastructure will be valuable and productive for decades to come but must decarbonize economically at scale. Inspired by the challenge of the new energy revolution and building on 20+ years of experience, CMS delivers a bolt-on, electrified carbon capture solution to enable the operability of hard-to-abate industries like steel, cement, chemicals, and other critical materials that make the world go.

Find out more about Compact Membrane Systems: www.compactmembrane.com

Exhibitor: Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS)

Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS) is decarbonizing industry with new electric heating and storage technologies. ETS’s Joule Hive™ thermal battery turns intermittent renewable electricity into constant industrial-grade heat. It is a stack of electrically conductive firebricks in an insulated container, which may be installed on-site as a drop-in replacement to fossil fuels in even the hottest industries. The system charges by running electricity directly through the bricks to joule-heat them, circumventing the operating limits of today’s electric heaters. The same bricks store thermal energy up to 1800+oC with minimal thermal loss for hours or days until needed, ensuring the least cost electricity is used to power the system.

Find out more about Electrified Thermal Solutions: www.electrifiedthermal.com

Exhibitor: Thermon

Thermon offers a full solution of safe, efficient, reliable products that advance clean energy and energy transition.

We can help with energy transition efforts including,

  • Hydrogen Production
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Carbon Intensive Heating Systems
  • Ammonia and Methane Production
  • Renewable Power Generation
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
  • Decarbonization or Electrification of Existing Processes for Heat Transfer
  • Energy Storage

Thermon’s solutions include,

Find out more about Thermon: www.thermon.com

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